Netgear Genie Setup Wizard


Netgear Genie Setup Wizard


The Netgear genie desktop is also available in form of mobile app. It is specially designed for purpose of network management. Whenever you feel trouble while getting connected to or any other network issue which is becoming a hiccup in your way of accessing network then simplest solution available to you is genie setup. Best part of genie desktop is that it is also available in form of mobile app. Thus user can easily download this app on his smartphone and use this tool as both for network management as well as for network troubleshooting .

Netgear Wi-Fi


A Brief Introduction of Netgear Genie Setup

Netgear genie is available for both desktop in form of Netgear Genie setup and for smartphones in form of mobile app. Through Netgear genie user can manage network as well as troubleshoot network issues in the simplest form possible. This management of network means checking uploading and downloading speed, status of devices connected to network etc. Network Troubleshooting also included issues such as unable to log in to

Along with such benefits, the biggest one is the ease of usage and installation it provides. You just have to follow some simple steps for installing Netgear Genie and your work is done. With the help of Netgear Genie you need not to shut down your whole network to diagnose problem in your network. You can do so with the help of Netgear genie without affecting other devices available on your network.

Netgear Genie setup wizard provides you facility of changing wireless setting, checking status of devices connected to network, block website or unblock website, check internet speed that one is getting from service provider etc.

Best part of NETGEAR Genie is that it is available free of cost. One can download it from Netgear homepage as per his requirement i.e whether he want desktop version or laptop. Netgear genie as mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Technical Specifications

  1. Compatible platforms: Windows (XP and higher), Vista (32 bit and 64 bit), Mac OS X, Android, iOS.
  2. Latest Version: 2.4.38
  3. Software Licensing: Freeware
  4. Developer: NETGEAR

Netgear Genie app provides you option to manage your network with high level of ease along with troubleshooting whenever need arises. This app can be installed on any device which can be connected to your network like tablet, laptop, smartphone etc. Various setting options are available in different tabs, which make adulteration in setting easy. Various tabs available are Wi-Fi settings, network Map, custom parental controls, creating a guest network and much more. These are briefly described in coming sections.

BASIC Netgear Genie setup TABS

In this tab user can change or verify configuration of router as need arises for..

By this tab one can verify the Wi-Fi settings for the router

User can create various guest Wi-Fi network by using this tab.

User can get information about all devices connected with his network under this tab.

Parental control can be monitor under this tab.

USB devices which are connected by router can be monitored through this tab.


Network Map

Network map is a tool which enrich your experience with your network with ease and simplicity. It represent all devices that are connected either with wire or through wireless connection to your network in graphical form. This is the prime reason for making this tool that simple that even a kid with some knowledge of computer can do understand type of networking done in your network. It is available free of cost and is in form of app and can be downloaded from official website of Netgear.

If one want to see network map then the only thing he has to do is download genie app from official website of Netgear and then have to select "Network Map" option available there.



The graphical representation is such that connection is shown with either green dotted or flat line or red dotted or flat line. Green dotted or flat line denotes secure network. If there is presence of red line then it implies two things. First is that if internet connection exist then it is not up to the mark that is it have any issue like if Ethernet connection then may be issue in wire connection or if wireless then port issue etc. Second is that connection is not in working condition.

Note: In case you want to get notification whenever any device get connected to your home network then you have to check mark the option saying "Notify me of new device that connect to my network".




Network Map



How to Change/Retrieve Wi-Fi Name & Password

Username and password are foremost credential to log into, which is a local website to configure Netgear extender. Name of your wireless network also called SSID and password are present at backside of your router on label. If you are not able to locate it then other option available to you is genie app. Under it you have to first go to basics and then have to go to wireless menu. From here you can retrieve your Wi-Fi name and password.



How to Change



Installation of Parental Controls

Today in the era of technology parental control comes as lifesaver for one who is new in the field of internet. Today there exist some website who are not safe to be access along with some safe websites like which is local setup website. When one goes for installation of parental control for the first time then he will be redirected to parental control website. User will be guided about how to use parental control affectively. After getting installed it help in managing network as per the preference of user.



Configuring Wireless Settings



Configuring Wireless Settings

Netgear Genie helps in great way to user who is unknown to various functionality of wireless network. For them Netgear Genie comes as lifesaver due to ease of management of Wi-Fi setting it provides.

If you are unable to install your Netgear extender through then best option available to you is Netgear genie. All you have to do is to go to wireless settings and modulate things as you require. You can also change SSID and password from here and best part is these changes can be made without breaking internet connectivity from your service provider.


Guest Network

Netgear Genie facilitate user to set up a guest network. The main feature of guest network is that it help in great extent in reducing load of devices on your router. You can also create guest account for your range extender but for this firstly you have to register your extender through For creating guest account the only thing you have to do is log into Netgear genie though credentials i.e by entering username and password and let the network to accept the devices.

To setup a guest network you have to follow steps as given below:

  1. Go to Router Settings
  2. Enable Guest Access
  3. In case you want to go for any changes then you have to select "Modify" option and do changes as you want.