mywifiext.local not working, what should I do?

It can happen that you may be trying to access webpage but getting an error message stating mywifiext.local not working.

This may be because of many reasons.

We will discuss about these reasons as well as steps to troubleshoot this issue of mywifiext.local not working in this article. But before that there are certain things that you should have to be aware of.

Firstly is a local webpage and not a regular webpage that you search for on internet.

This local webpage provides you with interface through which you can launch Genie smart setup wizard for setting up your new NETGEAR WiFi extender.

Second thing that you should be aware of is that to access this mywifiext.local webpage you are required to be connected to your extender network.

This connection between the device through which you want to access this webpage can be establish either wirelessly or though wire i.e. through Ethernet cable.

Now comes question that how to know whether your device is connected with extender network? For this you can check status of your connected network by going to network and internet settings on the device.

Else there is another way also and i.e. Message shown by your computer while you are trying to access mywifiext.local webpage.

If your device through which you are trying to access this local webpage, is connected with NETGEAR extender then you will get a screen which is shown below:

Whereas if your device is not connected with NETGEAR range extender network then you will get a screen which is shown below:

Third thing that should have to be known is that there is another common issue because of which you can become unable to connect to webpage and that is because of improper internet connection.

For instance if your device is connected with extender network and even after that you are unable to connect to this local webpage then you are required to check whether internet connectivity is working properly or not.

If there exist issue because of this internet connection then you may get different error messages based on internet browser that you are using. These error messages are:

In case of internet explorer or Microsoft Edge you will get message such as “Page cannot be displayed” or “You are not connected to network”

If you are using Google Chrome then error message will be “Unable to connect to Internet. Google chrome can’t display the webpage because your computer isn’t connected to the Internet.”

Whereas in case of Firefox it will be“Server not found. Firefox can’t find the server at”

And in case of Safari it will be  “Can’t find server.

If you are facing any issue related to above stated three points then do as specified. Otherwise you have to go for common troubleshooting steps to deal with this mywifiext.local webpage.

Let’s get started with various troubleshooting steps associated with issue pertaining to webpage not working

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. First and common cause of the issue can be because of inappropriate distance between your NETGEAR extender and network router.

So firstly ensure that your extender and router should have to be in same room atleast while setup process is in process.

Once Setup gets completed you are free to place your extender at spot where you like. But even in this case you are required to take help of Router Link LED to find adequate spot.

  • Second reason may be abrupt or irregular power supply.

To ensure your NETGEAR extender is getting proper power supply, you can check out LED status of Power LED.

In such scenario you are requested to put your extender on any other power socket.

  • There is also a chance that connection between your extender and device such as PC is not proper. This can be because of varied reasons.

If it is wired connection then there is chances that your Ethernet cable is not working properly so you are required to establish the connection using other Ethernet cable.

If it is wireless connection then also verify whether you are entering right password and is connected with NETGEAR extender network or not.

Now comes question that how come you know whether there is issue with respect to connection between extender and device or not.

In this you can take help of device link LED. If the status of LED is stable then this signifies established connection otherwise the connection between device and extender is unable to be established.

  • Check whether you are entering right web address or IP address that is assigned for this local webpage or not.

Web address for this local webpage

IP address is

  • If even after verifying all the above stated steps you find out there is no issue pertaining to above stated points then you can go for resetting your browser and try again to access this local webpage.
  • There can be issue with your web browser. So we recommend you to try to access this mywifiext.local webpage using any other web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla or Firefox, internet explorer, safari etc.
  • If you are trying to access this local webpage wirelessly then you can go for wired connection for time being so that you can ensure that whether there is issue with Wi-Fi of your device or with this local webpage.
  • Another thing that you can do is to assign a static IP address to your PC. But you are always recommended to note down default gateway in case of Window Operating System or default Router in case of MAC operating system.

Various entries that you have to make is

IP address:

Subnet Mask:

If even after following these steps you are enable to troubleshoot issue with respect to local webpage then you are highly recommended to contact to NETGEAR’s official website.

Please be aware of fake service providers and contact only on NETGEAR’s official website.

NETGEAR provides Technical support for free up to 90 days from date of purchase of the product.

By this we sum up our discussion.

We hope all information provided in this article will prove to be helpful to all those who are facing issue with local webpage.

But if in case even after following these steps you are unable to resolve issue then do contact on NETGEAR’s official website for technical support.

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