Netgear Ex6920 Extender Installation & Setup


NETGEAR EX6920- AC1200 WiFi range extender Installation & Setup

NETGEAR is world known for the range of highly efficient extenders it provides to users. Netgear EX6920- AC1200 WiFi range extender is one among them. As the name suggest, extenders are devices which are installed in the network to extend the range of signals coming from the network router. NETGEAR AC1200 WiFi range extender also have same functionality. But there are certain characteristics which differentiate it from other extenders. That include:

  • Capable to deliver AC dual band WiFi signal up to 1200 Mbps
  • Capable of working with any router.
  • Its characteristic of working in dual band make it ideal for streaming HD videos and games.
  • Its main attraction is size. It is world’s smallest AC1200 WiFi range extender.
  • It is compatible with 802.11 ac & b/g/n WiFi devices
  • Can work in both extender as well as access point mode
  • Suitable to use Fastlane technology. This in turn enhance its speed of streaming videos
  • Come along with external adjustable antennas.
  • For installing EX6920- AC1200 you donot need any CD


Checking signal strength by using WiFi Analytics App

User is always recommended to install WiFi range extender in home network only in case he/she is encountering with problem of dead/ blind spots in the network. In case you want to analyse the signal strength that you are getting then best solution for you is use of WiFi Analytics App. This NETGEAR app comes along with many other options such as knowing status of your home network, checking WiFi signal strength & many other options for which you have to explore the app. Best part is it is available free of cost. All you have to download it. You can download it from either Google play or from official website of NETGEAR.

New Netgear Extender EX6920 Installation & Setup in extender mode:

As already stated EX6920- AC1200 NETGEAR range extender can be installed in both extender and access point mode as per the user requirement. In case you want to install, configure and setup your NETGEAR range extender in extender mode then all you have to do is follow the steps religiously which are given below:

  • As always first step involve is putting your new NETGEAR range extender which in this case is EX6920- AC1200 on power. But before doing so you are requested to place NETGEAR ex6920 range extender and network router in close proximity with each other. Preferably in the same room.
  • Now you have to connect your WiFi range extender with already existing network. This can be done in two ways that are:
    a. Netgear WiFi Extender EX6920 WPS Setup
    b. Through NETGEAR WiFi Extender EX6920 Installation Assistant

Netgear EX6920 Setup WPS method (WI-FI Protected Setup)-
In this method first and foremost requirement is that your router must be WPS enable that means it should have WPS button. In case router does not have WPS button then you have to follow second method. In this firstly you have to press WPS button available on EX6920 extender and then within 2 minutes press WPS button on network router. By this WPS LED of extender will turns solid green. Just by doing this simple step your EX6920 WiFi range extender stands to be configured. Now you can unplug it and place to any position you like. The only thing that should have to be keep in mind is that extender should be placed in such a way that it should be under coverage area of router signal. You can also take help of Router link LED to find the perfect spot to place your newly installed extender. In case Router link LED is not green then you have to place extender closer to router upto the point this LED turns green. By placing it suitably you can can connect your WiFi devices with extender. Network name of your extender will be same as your existing but along with _Ext and password will be same as your network router have.

Netgear EX6920 Setup second method is through NETGEAR Installation Assistant-
In this method after putting your extender on power, you have to connect it with any WiFi device such as laptop either through WiFi connection or through Ethernet wire. Then have to open web browser like internet explorer, google chrome or any other one. Then enter in the address bar of web browser. This will prompt you to NEW EXTENDER SETUP wizard. Fill various details and login credentials that will be asked for and hit on NEXT button. Now select WiFi RANGE EXTEDNER button. By this extender will display various WiFi networks available. Do select that network on which you want to install extender. You have to assign network name and password to your extender network. Now you can connect WiFi devices with extender network by entering credentials which you have set while installing new extender. After complete installation registration page will pop up. Fill various details in case you want, or otherwise skip it. Now your extender is completely ready to be used. You can place it wherever you want but it must be within the WiFi range of the router. To locating the best place to place extender you can take help of Router link LED, the time up to which it does not get green you have to move extender close to the router. Once Router link LED turns green this shows WiFi range extender is within the range of the router.

Thus by following these simple steps you will be able to install your NETGEAR EX6920- AC1200 WiFi range extender in extender mode and enjoy uninterrupted network connection.

New extender setup AC1200 WiFi range extender in Access Point Mode

While working in access point mode EX6920 extender works as WiFi hotspot, with which your WiFi devices can connect to access internet. Various steps to be followed to install NETGEAR range extender in access mode are as listed below:

  1. First step involve power on WiFi range extender.
  2. To setup Netgear EX6920, connect Ethernet port of NETGEAR range extender with Ethernet LAN port of network router with the help of Ethernet wire. This makes range extender access LAN and create WiFi hotspot.
  3. Now connect with extender network by using any WiFi device. For this open network manager on WiFi device and select network named NETGEAR_EXT
  4. To setup Netgear WiFi EX6920 extender, open web browser and type in the address bar of the web browser.
  5. Select NEW EXTENDER SETUP option.
  6. Enter various details you are asked for and click on NEXT button.
  7. Now select ACCESS POINT option.
  8. Seelct the type of network that is either home network or PUBLIC NETWORK button.
  9. You will be asked to assign network name (SSID), security option, and password for each access point network. Do the same and hit on NEXT button.

BY this your extender is installed, configured and setup in access point mode. Now you can enjoy its functionality in the way you want.

Netgear WiFi Extender EX6920 Installation, Configuration and Setup