Netgear EX2700 Extender Setup

Netgear ex2700 setup

How NETGEAR EX2700 Wi-Fi range extender differs from other NETGEAR Wi-Fi range extenders? How one can elucidate on its different characteristics?

NETGEAR EX2700 is well known name among users of networking devices. Reason for the same is a quality product delivered by NETGEAR. NETGEAR has a variety of products among which users can select as per requirement of their network setup. NETGEAR EX2700 Wi-Fi range extender is also one among them. It is best suited for the network in which user want to extend WiFi up to 300 Mbps+. EX2700 is compact sized extender, due to which you can place it wherever you want.

EX2700 comes along with external antennas, which provides better WiFi coverage throughout your network. The best part with NETGEAR EX2700 range extenders is that you can use them with any router installed in your network. Due to its higher performance EX2700 is ideal for video streaming.

Some of the basic characteristics offered by EX2700 NETGEAR WiFi range extender are as listed below. User can verify from these characteristics that whether EX2700 range extender suits their requirement or not.

  • Most basic feature of EX2700 range extender is its capability to extend WiFi range extender up to 300 Mbps+
  • It comes along with external antennas which are adjustable. It provides user an opportunity to boost a WiFi signal in a particular direction.
  • Small and compact size make it most convenient for user to place it wherever he/she wants.
  • Compatible with every router
  • Comes along with Fast Ethernet port. User can use this port to connect any wired device such as TV, game console etc.
  • It is featured with CD-Less setup.
  • Can be installed using Wi-Fi Protected Setup(WPS)

How to use Netgear EX2700 WiFi Analytics App?

NETGEAR not only provides its users with WiFi signal enhancer devices, but also provides its users facility o know what is their network’s signal strength. This can be done by WiFi Analytics App. Although we can use WiFi analytic app to know signal strengthof network but this is not only feature provided by analytic app. Various other features offered by app are as listed below:

  • Not only signal strength but whole network status overview can be known with the help of this app.
  • Getting status of WiFi signal strength.
  • Using this app user can keep eye on WiFi channel interference.
  • And much more. To explore do install WiFi analytics app.

How to Install and Configure NETGEAR EX2700 WiFi range extender

Now comes the question of installing new Ex2700 range extender. For this, NETGEAR provides you two options, among which you can follow anyone as per your wish. Both of these methods are elaborated as below.

1. How to Install NETGEAR EX2700 Setup

Smart Setup installation method is different from other method (WPS method) by just a way that in the smart setup you need to manually perform every step whereas in WPS method by just pressing WPS method your WiFi range extender stands to be installed. Various steps involved in installing EX2700 range extender by Smart setup method are as listed below:

  • To start with EX2700 setup process, first of all, power on your EX2700 range extender.
  • Then take any WiFi device such as laptop or tablet (In this case we are taking it to be laptop) for new extender setup.
  • Then do connect with EX2700 range extender’s network through your laptop. For this you have to first go to WiFi network manager of your laptop and then select network of EX2700 range extender. Status of Device Link LED will turn into solid green when the connection between extender and laptop will be established.
  • After that launch web browser. Here enter in the address bar.
  • Then login window will be displayed on your screen.
  • Here you need to enter your email address and password. Once you have done with it click on LOG IN button.
  • Now click on SMART SETUP button. By this extender will list out various available WiFi networks in your vicinity. Here you need to select your WiFi network and then click on NEXT button.
  • Then you will be asked to enter the password of your network. After entering the same do click on NEXT button.
  • After this extender will apply your settings to its WIFi network names and password.
  • While applying these changes, extender will disconnect you from your existing router’s WiFI network.
  • Now connect your WiFi devices to your EX2700 range extender’s network.
  • You will get registration page on your screen. After filling its fields click on FINISH button. By this setup process gets completed.

2. Wi-Fi Protected Netgear EX2700 Setup (WPS) method

To start with Netgear EX2700 setup WPS method it is important to understand the importance of the same. Netgear Ex2700 Setup WPS method is also called as Push button method. In this method user need not to enter WiFi network key but just need to press WPS button. But for using WPS method there exist one pre-requisite and that is your network router should also have to have WPS button.

Another advantage associated with WPS method is its compatibility with WPA and WPA2 WiFi security. As per this feature, even if your extender network has no WiFi security, connecting with WPS will automatically sets WPA + WPA2 WiFi security and thus generate random passphrase. If user want he/she can view this assigned passphrase from WiFi setting page.

Now comes the question, how to add any WiFi device such as laptop, computer etc to extender’s WiFi network using WPS? For this various steps involved are as given below:

  • First of all, you need to connect your WiFi device (which in this case we are taking as laptop) with extender’s network. Then do launch web browser. Extender Network Settings 23 N300 WiF Range Extender
  • Then type in the address bar of your web browser.
  • You will be asked to enter email address and password.
  • You will get Menu icon on your screen. Select it.
  • Then select Settings, under it select Do More, under it select Connect Devices(WPS).
  • Leave Push button selected.
  • To configure Netgear Ex2700 setup WPS click on WPS button. By this extender will itself try to add WiFi device (which in this case is laptop) to its WiFi network.
  • After a while press WPS button on your laptop to complete the Netgear Ex2700 setup process.
  • You can also verify that whether your laptop/WiFi device is connected to your extender’s network or not by first selecting Settings option and then Connected devices

These are some of the simple steps by following which you can easily connect any WiFi device with your range extender’s network by using WPS method.

We hope this article has been proved beneficial for all those who are struggling to know about the steps to install and configure NETGEAR EX2700 WiFi range extender. We had tried to give a brief overview as well as a method of installing and configuring EX2700 range extender in as simple and holistical way as we can. But even then if user get any trouble while installing EX2700 range extender then he/she is requested to kindly contact on NETGEAR’s official website. If user wants to get more information about NETGEAR’s products, then he/she can also follow other articles available on our website.

Netgear WiFi EX2700 Extender Installation and Setup using WPS Method