What is netgear wireless range extender and its benefits

Meaning and benefits of Wireless extender / What is a Netgear wireless extender and its benefits?

Netgear Wireless extender are widely used networking device. Its utilization varies as per the network requirement of the user. Their main function is to boost up the weakened signal send by network router to counter dead/blind spots in the network. This is the reason why they are also named as the booster.  As per the requirement of user vide range of Netgear, range extenders are available in the market such as:

Netgear ex7300, Netgear ex7000,Netgear ex6920,Netgear ex6400,Netgear ex6200,Netgear ex6150,Netgear6100,Netgear ex3920,Netgear ex3800, Netgear EX2700 Extender, Netgear Wn3500 RP,Netgear Wn3000 RPv1,Netgear Wn2500 RP,Netgear Wn2000RPTV3,Netgear Wn1000 RP.[adToArticle]

The ideal situation in which installation of NetgearWiFI range extender in your home network becomes inevitable includes:

  • When you want to enhance wireless coverage of your network
  • To make signal reach too far ends of your home like basement etc.
  • When there is one wireless connection available in your setup which has to cover a wide range
  • To provide the wireless connection to a device outside the main coverage area of your network.

To fulfill their need user can choose any one NetgearWIFi range extender. That can be like WN1000RP which is ideal for providing basic coverage for mobile devices or like EX6200, EX7300, EX7000, EX6400, EX6100, Netgear EX6150 Extender, EX6920, EX2700, etc.

Even though Netgear range extenders are driven by most advanced technology but still in some cases they are not able to deliver results effectively. These situations are as listed below:

  • These WiFi range extenders cannot boost up the signal that comes from a source (like Netgear router) which are placed outside the range of extender.
  • The Netgear wifi range extender is not able to boost up internet throughput from any hotspot because the primary function of the Netgear range extender is to increase available signal and not to increase the speed of the internet.
  • They are unable to increase the speed of the internet provided by your Internet Service Provider.
  • One can use multiple extenders in any network but the condition is one extender cannot be sourced to another extender.

We hope this article will be helpful for who are struggling to understand the meaning of Wireless extender and is confused about its functionality.

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