New Extender Setup

How to setup Netgear New Extender

Are you new with NETGEAR devices? If it is a case, then new extender setup in your already installed network may be mind-boggling exercise. But need not to worry because in this article we will discuss NETGEAR new extender setup elaborately. So let’s begin our discussion.

Before moving forward, let up first discuss extender. Because until you know the meaning and functionality of extender, your encounter with new extender setup will not be as fruitful. In anyways you will be able to successfully done NETGEAR range extender setup but you will not be able to enjoy and understand the whole process, without knowing what is an extender. So let’s first discuss extenders.

What do you mean by Extender?

Extenders are networking devices specially designed to extend the WiFi range of your home network. They work as an amplifier which amplifies an incoming signal from your network router, because of which WiFi signal’s traveling power increases, as further your WiFi signal travel as far your network coverage will extend. This is the only reason why they are called as extenders.

New Extender Setup in an existing network

After understanding extender devices, let’s concentrate on our main topic of the article that is NETGEAR new range extender setup. NETGEAR new range extender setup can be done by following anyone method among two methods offered by NETGEAR. The user can choose among them as per his/her convenience. These methods will remain same for New Extender Setup n300, New Extender Setup ac1200, New Extender Setup ex7000 AC1900 wifi range extender, new extender setup ex7500, ex7300, ex7000, new extender setup ex6400, new extender setup ex8000, new extender setup ex6200, ex6920, ex6400, ex6100, ex6150, ex6120, ex6000, new extender setup ex3800, ex3700, ex3920, new extender setup ex2700,
New extender setup WN3500RP, WN3000RP, WN2500RP, WN 2000RPtv1, WN1000RP
Let’s elaborate on these methods below:

Wi-Fi Protected Setup(WPS) method: – This method is named so because in this method we use Wi-Fi signal to install our NETGEAR Wi-Fi range extender. This can be done just by pressing the WPS button on both your network router and NETGEAR WiFi range extender device. This is the reason why this method can only be used in case your network router is WPS enabled, otherwise you are requested to follow the manual method for new extender setup. Procedure for setting up Wi-Fi range extender using the WPS method is as given below:

  •  Power on your NETGEAR Wi-Fi range extender by putting it on the power circuit.
  • Then press the WPS button on your NETGEAR range extender.
  • Then press the WPS button present on your network router. This should have to be done within the time period of two minutes of pressing the WPS button on range extender.

By this, your installation process of NETGEAR range extender using the WPS method is completed. Now you can place your NETGEAR range extender wherever you desire it to be. But whenever you will desire to change settings of WiFi range extender, you will be required to login into setup page. Here you can change various settings of your range extender device such as its credentials i.e. username and password, frequency band and much more.

Manual method: – Manual method is called so because in this method user needs to complete every installation step manually. The user is although free to choose among manual method or WPS method but if in case user’s network router does not have WPS button then he is left with only one method to follow and that is the manual method. Procedure to be followed for new extender setup using the manual method is:

  • First of all, after powering on your range extender device, to establish the connection between your range extender and any device such as a computer or laptop.
  • After conformity of connection between computer and range extender, launch the web browser on your computer. Here you can use any web browser you desire for.
  • You will be prompted to setup page. But if in case you are not, then do enter in the address bar of your browser. You can also use the default IP address assigned to setup page i.e. instead of entering in the address bar.
  • A pop up will get displayed on your screen asking you to enter credentials. By default, credentials for NETGEAR range extender are.

                                                  Username: admin
                                                   Password: password

  •       This will prompt you to NETGEAR range extender wizard. This wizard will enable you to make desirable changes in the setting of the range extender.

By this our discussion on NETGEAR new extender setup has come to end. We hope this article has been proved a piece of knowledge for you. But in case you have any doubt then you are requested to inform us through entering same in the comment section given below. We will try to answer your query as soon as possible. But if your doubt does not get resolved then we highly recommend you to visit NETGEAR’s official website for support.


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