How to troubleshoot NETGEAR genie when it continues to appear after installing a NETGEAR extender

Steps for troubleshooting NETGEAR genie

There are chances that you encounter with Netgear genie everytime you try to browse any website. This may be preferably because of the fact that Netgear range extender is not configured properly or Netgear range extender gets disconnected from router’s WiFi network..

For troubleshooting issue encountered due to appearance of genie again and again while accessing internet, all you have to do is follow following given steps:

  1. Firstly, reboot your network router and Netgear range extender.
  2. Now connect your Netgear range extender to WiFi network.
  3. You have to again go for Netgear extender setup wizard with the help of web browser. Here you have to follow same steps which you have followed while installing Netgear extender.
  4. In case issue does not get resolved yet, then you have to reset extender to default factory setting.
  5. Delete web browser’s cache and recent history.
  6. Now connect your WiFi device to WiFi network of Netgear extender.
  7. Now configure your Netgear range extender using web browser.
    While going for extender setup you should have to place Netgear extender at a place where network router’s signal is reachable. Preferably they should have to be placed in the same room.
  8. When Netgear range extender is installed, close Netgear genie. Now again try to open any website on web browser to check whether problem still persist.