How To Install Linksys N300 Range Extender Setup Without Using Installation CD?

Linksys N300 Range Extender Setup Without Using Installation CD

Linksys N300 range extender’s prime functionality includes amplifying the incoming signal from already established network router/switch.

So if you are troubling with interrupted or eruptive Wi-Fi signal connectivity throughout your network, then the best possible solution for the same is to launch Linksys range extender in your setup.

You can choose any Linksys extender which suits your network requirements. But in this article, we will restrain our discussion concerning Linksys N300 range extender setup. To know for other extenders, you can follow other articles available on our web site.

If you want to launch Linksys N300 range extender setup and does not have an installation CD, then need not to worry. We are going to discuss all the steps involved in this setup process, one by one.

We hope this article will remain helpful for those struggling to know the steps involved in setting up Linksys N300 range extender. But if in case, an issue persists in your mind, then you are requested to contact on Linksys’s official website for the same.


Steps involved in setting up Linksys N300 range extender without using installation CD.

  • Before initiating setup process, you are requested to make some details handy, such as network name, network password.
  • Then you will require a device which is connected with your existing network.
  • Then reset the extender by pressing the “Reset” button.
  • Once your extender gets reset, establish a wired connection between a device such as a laptop, and N300 extender.
  • Then power on your extender device by putting it on the power socket.
  • Once extender comes in an upstate, open internet browser on the device that is connected with extender.
  • You will be automatically prompted to Linksys extender setup page. Otherwise, you can also open this setup page by entering in the address bar. You can also use in place of this URL.
  • Once this setup page gets opened up, you will be asked to enter login credentials that include, Login username and login password.
  • Default credentials include:

 Username:-  Have to be left blank

 Password:-  admin

  • Then click on the “Wireless” option. Then click on “Basic Wireless Settings.”

  • Now choose the “Manual” option.

  • Now you can change the configuration of the extender as per your requirement such as password, security key. Once you are done with all such changes, click on Save and apply settings.

  • Now you can disconnect the wired connection between the device and Linksys N300 range extender.
  • Your extender is fully configured. Now you can place it wherever you want and just power on it and enjoy seamless internet connectivity throughout your network.

These were simple and easy steps by following which you can configure your Linksys N300 range extender without using installation CD.

We hope all the information provided above had been easily understandable to you. But if in case any query persists in your mind then you are requested to kindly visit on Linksys’s official website and register your question.


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