How to find Wi-Fi network password of Netgear Wifi range extender?

In case you had forgotten the password of the Wi-Fi network, no need to worry. You can locate the WI-Fi network password by following below given steps:

  1. Firstly, you have to use any WiFi device which is connected with Wi-Fi range extender through any mode i.e either through a wired connection or wireless connection.
  2. Now open internet browser on this device. You can use any internet browser.
  3. Enter in the address bar of your internet browser.
  4. You can log in by using the Username and password.
  5. Here firstly select the Setting option and then Wireless.
  6. Here under General option, locate WiFi password. In case it displays Same as existing network password then it means that password of both extender and router is the same. But in case it displays Use a different password, then it means that WiFi network ‘s password is different from one of the router. In such cases, you can find password under Security Type and the Network Key.


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