How do I update my Netgear ac750?

Are you struggling to know that how do you update NETGEAR AC750 WiFi extender?

If it is the case then this article will be ideal for you.

In this article we are going to discuss steps to update NETGEAR Ac750, or in other words we can say that steps involved in updating firmware of AC750 extender.

But before going into steps involved in updating AC750 extender, let’s have look at some basic characteristics or features of AC750 WiFi extender.

  • As the name suggests, these NETGEAR WiFi extenders are capable to deliver WiFi signal up to 750 Mbps.
  • At the same time, they are dual in the band. That means they are capable to perform in both 2.4 GHz band and 5 GHz band. This added as a great advantage with these NETGEAR extenders.
  • As they are dual band, this added one more feature too this AC750 extender and that is FastLane technology.

This FastLane technology enables them to perform in both bands simultaneously. This in result helps in enhancing AC750 extender’s performance in great way.

  • Now comes compatibility. They are compatible to work with 802.11 ac& b/g/n WiFi devices. Thus wider range of devices are compatible with these extenders.
  • Their higher performance makes them inevitable choice for HD video streaming as well as video gaming.
  • NETGEAR AC750 WiFi extenders are capable to perform as both extender and access point.
  • Another added feature, which is applicable to almost all NETGEAR extender devices, is that you does not need any installation CD to install NETGEAR AC750 extender in your setup.
  • They comes along with external antennas which provides you leverage to beam up the signal strength in any one particular direction, in which you want.
  • And much more.

These are some of the features which make AC750 extender as more attractable feature to users.

Once you bought AC750 extender and had set up AC750 extender in your setup, then next thing that should have to do regularly is to update this NETGEAR Ac750 WiFI extender.

This regular updation is very much required to make your extender workable.

NETGEAR releases these updations in the form of new versions of firmware, to enhance the performance of your NETGEAR WiFi extender.

So you are always recommended to update AC750 WiFi extender regularly, whenever you receive a new update.

Now comes question that how to update NETGEAR AC750 WiFi tender.

Answer to this question lies in following given steps.

Steps to update firmware of AC750 WiFI extender

  1. Firstly open up a web browser on the device, that is connected with your AC750 WiFi extender’s network.
  2. Then logged in to your extender. For this you will be required to enter credentials to login local webpage.
  3. Once you get logged in, next task is to click on Menu icon.
  4. By this menu gets displayed. Here go to Settings and then to Firmware update.
  5. Then click on Check Online. This will check online for any firmware update for AC750 WiFi extender.
  6. Is in case firmware update will be available then this will list it.
  7. Then all you are required to do is to follow the instructions that gets displayed on your screen and by this Firmware updation will start by its own.

That’s it. By following these simple steps you will be able to update your NETGEAR AC750 WiFi extender.

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