How Can I Install My New Linksys Range Extender?

If you had brought new Linksys range extender and now want to install this new extender in your network, then this article will prove to be very helpful to you.

In this article, we had tried to explain each aspect related to the Linksys range extender setup, in great detail.

But before starting our discussion concerning Linksys extender setup, firstly let’s have the necessary information about what Linksys extender is.

How does Linksys range extender works?

In today’s era, everyone prefers to avoid wired network connections. Thus they prefer to go for Wireless devices.
Because of this, there exist multiple wireless devices in the market, among which user can choose as per their demand. Extenders are also one among these wireless networking devices.

As the name suggests, their prime task is to extend the already installed network and make internet connectivity available throughout your network area.

That is the reason why extenders are also called by the name of dead spot killers.

Now comes the prime question that how does all this work?

Extenders primarily work as an amplifier. They amplify the incoming signal from the network router.
Because of this amplification, WiFi signal become capable of withstanding against penetration losses and makes the WiFi signal approachable to each far end

Now the question may arise in the user’s mind that what is penetration losses?

Penetration losses are losses caused due to various hindrances that came in the way of Wi-Fi signal. That means if the Wi-Fi signal has to travel from the network router to your device, it has to pass through various objects that are available in your vicinity such as the table, furniture, etc. These passage cause losses, which are known by the name of penetration losses.

In this way extender functions, and make Wi-Fi signal approachable to each far end of your vicinity.

After knowing the working of the extender, now let’s move toward the original question of our discussion that is how to setup Linksys range extender in the existing network.

How to setup Linksys range extender in an already existing network?

For setting up Linksys range extender, the user is provided with two methods, among which he/she can choose as per his/her network capability. These two methods include:

  1. Manual method.
  2. WPS method.

The manual method is a primary method of installation, that means you do not need any particular device specification to apply this method. Whereas in the case of the WPS method, the user needs to have a device that is WPS capable.
If in case your network router/switch is not WPS capable then you are left with no other option then to apply the Manual method. That is the reason why a manual method is known as a primary method.

Necessary Pre-requisites before initiating Linksys range extender setup:

Before initiating extender setup, a user needs to keep some points noted that includes:

  1. Bringing extender and router as close as possible. Preferable both should have to be in the same room.
  2. Ensure your home network is in the working state.
  3. Keep the network name and network password handy. These details will be required during the installation process.

Once you are done with these points, move further for initiating Linksys range extender setup.

1. Manual method:- This method is a primary method of installing the extender setup. Reason for the same is that the user does not need any specific specification for applying this method. Steps that have to be followed includes:

  • Firstly put the extender on power. Wait until Power LED turns to be solid.
  • Once your extender comes to up-state, connect to extender network, by using any client device such as a laptop or tablet. You can establish a link between extender and client device by either Ethernet cable or by wireless mode.
  • Now launch a web browser on the device. You can use any browser for this.
  • Once the browser gets opened up, you will be automatically prompted to If not, then enter in the address bar.
  • You can also use instead of
  • Then you will be required to enter credentials, to login into Linksys extender setup page. By default these credentials are:
    Username:- should have to be left blank
    Password:- admin
  • By entering the credentials, the Linksys extender setup wizard will get launched.
  • Once setup page gets opened up, click on Wireless. Then click on Basic Wireless Settings.
  • Next, you will be required to select among WPS or manual method. Here click on Manual Setup.
  • Then you will be asked to provide a network name with which you want to connect.
  • Then enter the password of the network. After that, click on the Save setting option.
  • Just by this, Linksys range extender setup gets completed.

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